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Providing practical and plain-English advice, reach out to me to chat about your business, conveyancing and leasing options. My services are part of the KPL Lawyers team of experienced lawyers ready to help you navigate and succeed. 



Inspiring conscious citizens and active professional development, I teach International Environmental Law and host regular Continuing Professional Development seminars on ethics, property law and leasing.



Committed to creating supportive spaces and platforms of empowerment, reach out to me as a Guest Speaker for your next corporate or community event. I also provide consultancy services to improve your organisation's approach to diversity through policy change.

Spaces. Whether you occupy a space as a tenant, or a student sitting in a classroom, or a young professional trying to navigate the board room, this is the space where your magic happens.
Time is currency. Space is lucrative.
Be strategic, purposeful and understand all your options. 

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