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Apartment Buildings

We speak about female leadership and empowerment at work, but we seem to forget it when we get home or go to church.
Generational change happens when we keep these conversations rolling in all the spaces we occupy...while your voice may tremble, this is how we thrive

About Marija Gurlica

[EDIT to be more PERSONAL] As a commercial, retail and industrial leasing solicitor part of the KPL Lawyers group, my ultimate goal is to provide clients with quality and tailored legal services. As part of the KPL Lawyers group, my specialist approach is part of our entire suite of services available to ensure your personal and business goals are achieved. Whether you need legal advice, transactional services, or help with dispute management, we have you covered.

Whilst working and servicing clients of Greater Western Sydney and beyond, my academic experience focuses on international environmental law. I am passionate about teaching and offering international environmental law to students as a practical and viable career path. Ultimately, my goal is to create more proactive citizens, conscious of their duty to do their bit to manage climate change. 

Weaving through my lawyering and teaching, and embracing my other hats of 'wife and mother,' and everything in-between, I also enjoy public speaking and the sharing of stories. From my experience as a young woman, lawyer and mother, throw on top of that my ethnic heritage, English as a second language and a Western Sydney postcode and way of speaking, there are generally no topics off limits!


A little chat can go a long way. Knowing we are not alone. Having support. Leaning in. This all makes a difference. 

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